We can finally buy rolling papers from here at the SQDC: Journal de Montréal

On pourra finalement acheter du papier à rouler d’ici à la SQDC : Journal de Montréal

Almost four years after its birth, the Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) will soon start selling KEB, the only local rolling paper in Quebec. 

“We launched KEB 30 months ago with the equivalent of the value of a used tank. This is a great moment for us, it proves that our approach works,” says Renaud Lessard Ste-Marie, the artist-filmmaker of the duo. 

With his brother Jérôme, who is CEO of the young company, they now have the opportunity to live off the fruit of their labor, if all goes well. 

At the time of the passage of Journal at Jérôme's, last Friday, the two entrepreneurs were in the process of receiving their order for 100,000 packets of 32 sheets intended for the SQDC. 

This is the equivalent of all their orders for the past two years. These 100,000 packages will now be sent to each of the 90 branches in order to start selling in two weeks. 

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