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A Quebec rolling paper company


At the heart of our approach is our desire to create a vibrant and inclusive community for all connoisseurs of weed. We are committed to delivering durable paper to ensure you have a superior product, designed with the utmost care.

The OG & ECO Slim

Our ECO paper is made from pure unbleached vegetable fibers

Our OG paper is made from pure, naturally bleached vegetable fibers

1 1/4 | King size with filters

Limited edition

Hand-sawn butternut from the St-Laurent valley | 15cm x 20cm (6 "x 8")

Limited edition of 60, numbered

Handmade in Quebec

The making

limited edition
Fanny Pack

A KEB bag for all your everyday items; wallet, phone, keys, rolling paper, legal herbs, etc. Our fanny pack can be worn over the shoulder or as a belt

Maximum of 100 bags

Handmade in Quebec


The OG

KEB is a company that puts culture at the center of its business

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Limited edition
Ludo Mio

Ludo took advantage of the summer to create an illustration that celebrates the good times and the light. Its bright colors and playful characters are perfect for enjoying the sun in good company


Since 2020

KEB are two brothers who, after several years living abroad, wanted to reconnect with their Quebec heritage

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