KEB is two brothers who, after several years living abroad, wanted to reconnect with their Quebec heritage.

In a canoe, with their backpacks and a good supply of weed, they set off on an adventure in the territory of their childhood. Around a campfire, surrounded by mountains and lakes, they discovered that the only constant in their uprooted life is a bundle of rolling paper.



KEB was born from the desire to offer a superior product inspired by Quebeckers from all walks of life. Our paper was created to reflect our community: distinct and modern.

We are based in Montreal, the world capital of design and artistic avant-garde. KEB is a company that puts culture at the center of its business. We are inspired by our history to imagine the future. 


Jerome Lessard et Renaud Lessard

Jérome Lessard St-Marie, Co-founder and CEO

After an internship at the Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec and a brief foray into the world of mobile application development, Jérôme knew that he needed to get into entrepreneurship in order to be happy. In the summer of 2019, with his John Molson School of Business degree in hand, Jérôme calls his older brother to share his latest idea: to start a family rolling paper business. KEB is for him a way of reconnecting with the territory and Quebec culture after having lived abroad for several years and attended four high schools in three different countries.

Renaud Lessard St-Marie, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer 

With his younger brother, Jérôme, he founded in 2020 the first rolling paper company based in Quebec. He discovered the sweet pleasures of cannabis while living in New Delhi with his expatriate family. Having returned to the country for the past ten years, Renaud has worked as a screenwriter, director and producer. He develops and highlights stories that are meant to be intimate and universal. He is currently completing a master's degree in film production at Concordia University where he teaches occasionally and pursues practical research on the making of in-situ works.